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Rethinking Your Business Model with Digital Transformation

“We need a new AMS, let’s shop” does NOT define a digital transformation journey. Our technology paths must be aligned to overall association strategy and goals and help us develop a digital mindset and reshape the customer value experience. We need to understand that digital transformation goes way beyond an IT project, and that it needs more than an operational budget allocation. A well thought-out, long-term digital pathway can truly transform our business for the future. And help us tune association experiences to member behaviors and expectations that are being shaped by the likes of Amazon, Uber, Tesla, and Nest.

Join us for a strategic conversation to bust the myths around digital transformation, discuss our readiness and the stumbling blocks, and figure out how we can get started on the journey — regardless of our association size or resources. This conversation would be ideal for small and large staff association C-suites involved in strategy, content, member services, learning, communications, and IT.

The conversation will be led by three digital transformation leaders in the nonprofit and corporate space.

REGGIE HENRY is the Chief Information and Engagement Officer for ASAE. He implements exemplary systems at ASAE that can serve as a model to the rest of the association community and goes to great lengths to ratchet up the use and understanding of technology among ASAE members. He will moderate the conversation and share how he is leading ASAE’s quest to develop a future-focused association business model to ensure long-term viability.

HEATHER DIEHL is a NASA-trained project manager and systems engineer, and the Principal Enterprise Architect for the International Monetary Fund. She has transformed government and corporate organizations to better serve enterprise missions and goals through a user-first focus. A force multiplier who accelerates beneficial outcomes through technological thought leadership, Heather will demonstrate how we can use technology as a lever for change.

DUANE CAPUANO is a senior consultant with Tecker International, and founder of Success Roads Consulting. Pairing business development and technology, he helps associations and nonprofits take their ideas off the shelf and create strategies for implementation and measurement. Duane’s expertise is in digital strategy, strategic planning, product development, and technology selection and implementation. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and government agencies.

Register at https://goo.gl/7G8jY3

The in-person meeting is at the National Council for Behavioral Health, 1400 K Street NW, Suite 400, Washington DC, 20005. Participants outside the Washington metropolitan area can join us virtually at https://zoom.us/j/3013880022. Entry for both options is for registrants only.


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Transforming Association Meetings
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Transforming Association Meetings

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Meetings in various shapes, hues, and sizes have long been a staple of associations — and a premier source of member engagement and non-dues revenue. But when is the last time we stepped back and said “What if…we no longer had this tradeshow or conference or specialty meeting? What else might we be able to do — better — if we let this go?” Are the returns on meetings worth the intense investment of time and resources? Or, in today’s digital world, are there better ways for associations to earn while helping members engage, co-create, and connect year-round?

If meetings continue to matter, let’s examine if there are smarter ways to make them viable and valuable without being all-consuming. Let’s talk about the competition (from for-profit entities in our space that organize meetings) and whether we can stand up to or collaborate with our competitors. And let’s discuss how we can make conferences a participatory experience for attendees while extending the benefits far beyond the three days.

This event is brought to you by Associations Catalyzing Entrepreneurship and MoCo Idea Swap. The conversation will be led by three conference veterans, and we look forward to hearing YOUR ideas and experiences.

Jeannie Campbell
is the chief operating officer of the National Council for Behavioral Health, guiding the trade association in delivering a range of cutting-edge consulting, training, technical assistance, and public education programs and services. She orchestrates the association’s annual conference, and has grown attendance seven-fold over a decade while making it one of the most talked about healthcare specialty conferences in the nation.

Don Dea is the co-founder of Fusion Productions. Fusion helps associations and corporations deliver superior communication, advocacy, education, and services through world-class meetings and online education. Don is a thought leader on the role of millennials, technology, experiential, visual, relationships, and ROI on meetings and events. Don is also the brain and brawn behind the annual digitalNow summit for association leaders.

Jeff Hurt is founder and CEO of Empowered Epiphanies and a well-known thought leader in the meetings and events industry. He has a track record of transforming outdated events and educational programs into memorable, high-performing experiences. He is working with the Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas at Dallas to apply the findings of cognitive brain research to make meetings intensely participatory and co-creative journeys that transform the way people work.

The in-person meeting is at the National Council for Behavioral Health, 1400 K Street NW, Suite 400, Washington DC, 20005. Participants outside the Washington metropolitan area can join us virtually.

Entry for both options is for registrants only, register here.

After the meetings conversation, we’ll share a quick update on the last May 21 ACE meeting on design thinking and solving with Garth Jordan and Arianna Rehak. We’ll give you the outcome of the vote on the challenge we are to collectively solve and outline next steps.

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Solving with ACE: A Design Thinking Experience
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Solving with ACE: A Design Thinking Experience

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Solving Tough Problems = Design Thinking + Co-creation. Garth Jordan and Arianna Rehak will discuss the process of design thinking. Then we share our experiences through the design thinking lens and zero in on a specific challenge we can collectively tackle over the coming months. MORE


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